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We appreciate all the help that goes into this project to make F-Spot great.

There are many ways to get involved with F-Spot. Be sure to read the vision statement first.


F-Spot is written in C# on the Mono platform and released under the GNU GPL.

  • Check out the goals and bugzilla for ideas
  • Subscribe to mailing list and join channel #f-spot on (we're around, but it can take sometimes a while before anyone responds).
  • Checkout the source from GNOME Git repository
  • Build F-Spot with various commands and tips.
  • Submit patches by opening a bug and attaching them


F-Spot is an internationalized program translated into many languages. If you are fluent in a language other than English, we can use your help.

You can track the translation status of the application and its manual here.

Please don't submit translations to bugzilla. Gnome translation is organized in teams. If you feel the translation of your language is outdated first contact your translation team and get in touch with them, then start translating!


You can help document F-Spot. Documentation is handled through the GNOME Documentation Project. More info is available here: GNOME Documentation Project

Report Problems

F-Spot needs testers and people with a good eye for usability to file bug reports. If you get a crash, please file a bug and attach as detailed stack trace as possible. This includes the output of running f-spot with the --debug parameter.

Please always open one bug per issue. If you experience different problems open different bugs!

Novell has done some usability tests on F-Spot and published them at the BetterDesktop project.

Propose New Ideas

F-Spot has a great list of features already, but to push the cutting edge of photo management, new ideas are always welcome. Please file an enhancement bug or e-mail the list.


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In memory of Ettore Perazzoli.

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